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Spot Metering in Digital Photography

December 4, 2010 1 comment

Ok, after going through a lot of different web sites and trying out the lessons on my point & shoot, I think I finally have some understanding on how to use spot metering in my digital camera.

First here is my stupid test image.

1. Set your camera in aperture or shutter priority mode. I preferred shutter priority.
2. Go to the menu and to metering mode/options and chose “spot” metering.
3. If your camera allows exposure lock (AE) enable it.
4. In the scene you want to photograph, chose a particular spot which you think is closest to the light-gray.
5. Focus on that spot and half-press the shutter button.
6. Observe the exposure compensation meter (the one showing -2 to +2 values). If the marker is close to zero, your are ok. If the marker is on negative side increase the shutter value (i.e. decreases shutter speed) and vice versa. Similarily if you have aperture priority, then change aperture settings so that the exposure compensation meter is closest to zero.
7. Again half-press the shutter while focussing on your gray spot and verify the exposure (this is to verify your step 6).
8. Keep the button half-pressed and recompose the scene as your liking.
9. Fullly press the shutter.

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