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Getting wise or getting old

March 25, 2008 2 comments

Earlier I used to take pride in myself being able to take quick and fast decisions that were also the correct. This was the case about choosing the the school I went to, the career to start, in switching careers and also moving between jobs.

After 3.5 yrs at HP, I am moving to a new job. Strangely this was something I should have decided about quite easily. Because of circumstances that I won’t mention here, this move is the right decision but still I have spent more time mulling over it that I am myself surprised. For the first time I find myself thinking about a whole lot of things that wouldn’t have even occured to me previously. Don’t know if this means I am getting wise or just old :).

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April 19, 2006 Leave a comment

6-8 months from now I want to join Google or Microsoft. I know with current programming and thinking abilities I wont be able to make it. But I am confident of making up for these through:

1. learning to think. Guess the required grey matter is there but I have never trained myself properly to use it.

2. stop depending on google. Often I find myself googling over to find quick solutions to problems. Worst that I some times pretend these solutions are mine.

3. Books to read and understand:

– Code

– Algorithms by Cormen

– Applied .net programming

4. Improve physical fitness so that whatever I study I do it with concentration


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