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Google desktop gadget idea

At work we decided to start using Kanban cards as a part of adopting agile development process. We started off using infopath to create tasks and then asign timelines for each task.

For sometime, wanted to create a desktop gadget using the google SDK. Sounds like it will be good idea to create a gadget application that allows one to create tasks, manage time lines and progress and then also share the task list with colleagues. Finally it will be also possible for  the managers to create reports from the tasks. The only drawback could be that communication between similar gadgets across different computers is through google talk so not sure how it would fit in the office (e.g. would the network security team allow it?).

Even for a single user, this looks like a good idea. The gadget will have the following features:

1. Create project list

2. For each project, add list of tasks to be completed in a week

3. Add descriptive notes for each task if required

4. At any time later pull out any task and assign the start time/ start date and end time/ end date. End date or someother flag signifies that task is closed.

5. Be able to create time summary (and other reports) project wise. For example at the end of the week find out how much time was spent on each project.


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