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Scripting in .net applications

One advantage of scripting is that it helps in application customization. Giving end-users the ability to add extra functionality without having to modify our source code is something great.

Lot of commercially succesful software owe part of their success to this programmability. Eg. VBA in word, excel, VSS and so on.

Scripting engines also can come in handy when you want to implement plugin capability to your application.

Actually there are two different areas of scripting – conventional “shell” scripting and “application” scripting. Any exe supporting command line arguments could be automated using the shell scripting. The latest windows shell “Monad” is something lot of people are excited about.

Coming to application scripting e.g. VBA enables programmers add extensibilty to their applications. So end users could write scripts and using some standard interfaces the host applications will be able to execute them.

Because C#.net is increasingly becoming choice programming language for desktop apps and web apps alike, scripting support for .net apps is also picking up. VSTA (visual studio tools for applications) is a SDK provided by Microsoft which users can include in their applications. The VSTA comes with a VB like IDE which can be invoked from customer applications using the famous ALT-F11 keystroke sequence. This is slated to be released in Oct 2006.


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